Meet Rob Meless, PGA Professional,
 Trapped by His Golf Club’s Addiction to Third Party Tee Time Vendors! 

Dear Golf Professional, Club Manager or Owner:

Meet Rob Meless, your typical PGA professional in any town America. Rob has been the Head Pro at a club for 15 years and has seen lots of changes in the golf business, not all of them good!

Rob works at an average course located outside of Nashville, Tennessee and has 7 other courses that would be considered his direct competition. Like most Pros, Rob has many responsibilities; giving lessons, working the counter, booking a tee time, picking up trash, managing the day to day operations and trying to keep the owner and 200 other people a day happy. You all get it, because it’s the real life of your average Pro or club manager.

For the past 5 Years, Rob has been doing what all of his colleagues in the industry have been doing, which has not been working well. In fact, it’s not really working at all.

Revenue is lower than it was five years ago, rounds are down and so is the average green fee!

  • He has a poor looking website from a third party tee time vendor that does him no help in collecting data, generating leads or increasing his business!
  • He doesn’t really do any marketing.
  • He allows his “trade time” to be sold at huge discounts because he feels he has no choice.
  • He doesn’t send out many emails to increase his database or build loyalty or brand, when he does send emails, it’s usually just an email full of tee times at a discounted rate.
  • He allows his third party vendor to utilize all the emails of people who book on his tee sheet for their own marketing purposes.

As you can see, Rob is making some obvious mistakes, and these are the same mistakes thousands of other clubs are making. Why don’t they do something different than this assisted suicide you ask?

There’s the usual excuses:

  • The golf course doesn’t have enough money to pay a real marketing company.
  • The accountant doesn’t see the value in a real marketing effort because he believes what he is doing now is an effort, sad I know.
  • The owner wants operating cost as low as possible.
  • They are short staffed and they don’t have time to focus on marketing.

‚ÄčBut now there is finally a world-class solution that tackles all these excuses and frees you from the tyranny of third party shylocks!


It’s Time to Fight Back and Join a New Tee Time Revolution - One Without 3rd Party Resellers…

For too long 3rd party tee time resellers have wreaked havoc on golf operators with shady tactics and mindless discounting.

It’s time to fight back!

It’s time to take control again!

Tee Time Revolution is a concept founded by industry experts in the interests of operators, not some giant corporation hell-bent on world domination!

Join Our Tee Time Revolution For:

  • We will NOT use your web traffic to remarket to your competitors.
  • We will NOT use YOUR tee time data to sell tee times at other course!
  • We will NOT set up third party sites competing against you!
  • We will NOT tell people your tee sheet is full to sell higher priced tee times or trade from your competitors.
  • We will NOT sell your trade times at a 90% discount in prime time destroying your brand!

What We Will Do:

  • Double or triple your own email database.
  • Double or triple your Facebook fan base.
  • Dramatically increase your website traffic.
  • Generate a significant increase in outing, wedding and membership inquiries.
  • Increase your income by 7-15%.
  • Increase your online booking by 200-300%.
  • Move the online customer to YOUR website to book golf!
  • At no out of pocket cost to you, no contracts, cancel anytime!

The Power of Three Industry Leaders on Your Side

Most clubs lack the money, personnel and specialized expertise needed to succeed in today’s market, but now you can afford the best minds in the business on your team with our revolutionary new program.

Three of the world’s most experienced golf marketing and management companies have joined forces to provide your club with an unbeatable team of experts, technology and proven strategy with one simple goal; to dramatically increase your income, while keeping complete control of your customer data and pricing!

Our fully managed and fully integrated tee sheet and custom marketing program includes:

The First Fully-Integrated, Real-Time, Marketing Solution that dramatically drives more rounds, leads and revenue. A custom designed website, email marketing, tee sheet and real time revenue management package all of which integrate directly into over a dozen POS systems.

Fill Tee Times - Emails are sent out based on utilization, so you’ll never have to scramble to get last minute offers sent out.

Real Humans Maximize Your Tee Sheet Revenue By the Hour - We analyze daily weather, competition, local events, seasonal factors, traffic flow, historical data, school closures and over 20 other factors of supply and demand in your area. This allows us to develop not only daily pricing structures, but rate updates within each day part. This results in maximum revenue every hour of the day for your facility! 

Customer Loyalty Program - Bring back your customer loyalty with our custom loyalty reward system with auto redemption & our re-book incentive program.

Digital Coupons & Dynamic Promotion Codes to Increase Traffic - Gone are the days of printing out emails or showing your screen to redeem a coupon. With our built in dynamic coupon creation and redemption, customers redeem coupons when they're booking a tee time and will receive their special offer when they check in.

Capture More Leads and Double Your Database - We improve your website's ability to capture leads with multiple custom landing pages. We then convert those leads with a world class marketing automation suite that allows you to track and intelligently market to golfers who visit your website.

Legendary Social Media – We were offering social media years before anyone in the golf industry. Our expert social media team helps you develop custom content, create promotions and capture leads. Then using our marketing funnel we convert Fans and Likes to real, round impacting business!

Weekly Marketing Calls, 90-day Written Marketing Plans, and Hands on Support - Our client management team is second-to-none at providing world-class support and education. We carefully craft email campaigns that are proven to make the phone ring and get online tee times booked. These campaigns drive recurring visits to your events, deals, and membership and outing opportunities.

Complimentary Membership to the Golf Operator Association - You’ll receive a complimentary membership to the Golf Operator Association which includes access to hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional real-world tools to help you succeed.

Pay in cash or trade - your choice!

Now, for the same trade you give these third party shylocks, who use your data and traffic to sell against you, you can get the best marketing, technology and support in the business, control your own destiny and rid yourself of this dangerous addiction.

(Trade will be sold at pre-determined levels agreed by you, not whatever we can get.)

Put the power of Legendary Marketing, Otto’s advanced booking engine and Dynamic Revenue Services, hands on experts to work for your club. Take back control as you watch your income soar!

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Meet Rob Meless, PGA Professional,
Trapped by His Club’s Addiction to
Third Party Tee Time Vendors!